Product Description

This product is designed for transparent insulation glass nano -tech research and development of products,
 The formula uses nanotechnology materials , can effectively isolate the sun 's ultraviolet rays, infrared and visible light to achieve the effect of heat penetration rate, the temperature indoors because sunlight can reduce the radiation generated , nor will the low indoor lighting sexeffectively reach thermal carbon reduction function.
Is the ultimate 21st century revolutionary new nano products !


Glass insulation function

Block UV visible light transmittance of 95% to 90% infrared ray cutting glass allows 80% light transmission buildings and transport vehicles good, effectively blocking the infrared heat from outside , but to achieve the effect of indoor and interior insulation!

Isolated summer of harmful ultraviolet sunlight and radiant heat in the winter to prevent leakage of heating , so that the building glass lighting is good, and there are cool effect.