About glass transparent insulation coatings

Paint relating to the company specializes in producing nano , specializing in carbon reduction , special self-cleaning paint scratch , heat insulation , electrical and thermal conductivity of insulation and other functional .

Prodex Corp.

Representative products : glass transparent insulation coating , transparent solar glass self-cleaning coatings, transparent conductive glass coating , solar selective absorbing coatings, thermal insulation coatings exchange , the ultimate blue fog thermal insulation coatings, high thermal paste, high thermal heatpaint, etc. 。

Technical team developed nanomaterials for many years , with a new nanotechnology materials and production processes , producing excellent functional nano coating system , continuous development of innovative products.

Industry products and services , including construction , optoelectronics, traffic , 3C, and other home appliances , and other industries , create new markets and provide new employment opportunities !

As part of a global citizen , to environmental protection , energy saving and carbon reduction for the blog , to create a better life and work , with the goal of sustainable development .

Carbon reduction challenge

Global warming caused by climate change around the world have a great , serious urban heat island effect make people aware of the need to use energy more efficiently , so the renewable energy and energy-saving technology has become an important development projects.

Glass transparent insulation coating mainly in the form of heat insulation coating applied to architectural glass, automotive glass, insulation, not only to create a comfortable living space and also save huge air-conditioning electricity for energy efficiency and reduce global warming effectsgreat contribution.